Effects of Tooth Whitening on Enamel

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Dirty Mouths Lead to Broken Hearts

ScienceDaily (May 5, 2011) — Nurses who care for patients with dementia now have a tailored approach to dental hygiene for their charges, thanks to a pilot study by a team of nurses.
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“Poor oral health can lead to pneumonia and cardiovascular disease as well as periodontal disease,” said Rita A. Jablonski, even though these illnesses are not usually associated with the mouth. According to Jablonski, assistant professor of nursing, Penn State, persons with dementia resist care when they feel threatened. In general, these patients cannot care for themselves and need help.
Jablonski and her team introduced an oral hygiene approach called Managing Oral Hygiene Using Threat Reduction (MOUTh) specifically for dementia patients. Many of their strategies focus on making the patient feel more comfortable before and while care is provided, the researchers report in the current issue of Special Care in Dentistry.
“We have come up with 15 strategies — techniques to help reduce threat perception,” said Jablonski. These strategies include approaching patients at eye level if they are seated, smiling while interacting, pantomiming, and guiding patients to perform their own care by placing a hand over the patient’s hand and leading.
People with dementia are often no longer able to distinguish low or non-threatening situations from highly threatening situations. This happens when the parts of the brain that control threat perception — particularly the fight, flight or freeze responses — begin to deteriorate. The amygdala is the part of the brain that houses the fear response. The hippocampus and cerebral cortex receive and send messages to the amygdala, telling it how to react.

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Dental Implants In One Hour

The first modern dental implants hit the scene in the 1950′s. Though they’re a better option for many denture-wearers, about 22 million Americans still have dentures — or no teeth at all. Getting a dental implant is usually a long, arduous process, but now, a new technology is changing that.

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Better smile, more likely to be hired?

Newsweek polled 202 hiring managers and found that the “physical appearance and oral hygiene” are important factors in the hiring process. 99.7% of Americans believe that a smile is an important asset.

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Dental Tip

More bad breath during rainy days! Rainy weather causes increased allergens and mold which increases sinus inflammation and causes bad breath. Foods that cause fresh breath: parsley, spearmint, coriander, and green tea. Sun comes back out tomorrow!

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Congrats to an amazing patient!

When she got engaged she said “There is no way my tooth can look like this in my wedding picture!”  We did Invisalign to rotate the angulation of the front tooth. She was all smiles on her wedding day! Congrats!

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Dental Tip

I had a patient come in today with classic TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). What are the signs? Clicking in the jaw, tenderness and spasms in the jaw muscles. A night guard will be our first treatment.

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Todays Dental Tip

Keeping a mint in your mouth is one of the worst things you can do.  It literally puts sugar in solution around back teeth which causes decay -

Dr. G

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The New Smile Design Manhattan Progress Report

We just picked the computers for the new Smile Design Manhattan.  Happy to announce that we will be joining the less than 1% of dental offices that are all Apple.  They could have at least given me a free iPad :)

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Construction begins at the new Smile Design Manhattan Office!

Walls are going up at the new Smile Design Manhattan! We are so excited!  The new office is going to be phenomenal

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